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Our Principles

   Professionally - the ethical responsibility of specialists and experts of IBP Holding is the basis of all activities, which includes the duties of executors to act professionally, abide by the law, avoid conflicts of interest, abide by ethical principles and put the interests of clients and colleagues above their own interests.

    All work of IBP Holding is based on respect, goodwill and integrity:


   Guarantees of decency and professionalism:

  • Transparency of the state registration of IBP Holding Company, the possibility of entering into all types of contracts, settlements according to the law in all types of currencies.
  • Membership of the management, experts and partners of IBP Holding in the leading associations with the world level: IAIACE, IKD, WAD, UNIPRO.

   Respect the requirements of laws:

  • All activities of IBP Holding in Ukraine and in other countries are carried out exclusively within the framework of the requirements of international law.
  • All performers of corporate and private tasks in their work verify the legitimacy of the interests of the client and do not accept orders for execution aimed at harming someone or something.
  • Each contract passes legal due diligence before it is accepted for work.


   Respect for society and the state:

  • IBP Holding is a commercial structure that is registered at the proper state level. At the same time, its activity is independent of political forces and outside influence.
  • IBP Holding openly, objectively and honestly represents the services of private investigations and other areas of protection of society, business and the individual. At the same time all business contacts in different countries of the world are used.
  • IBP Holding Association does not harm the interests of the state, society, business and individual in any way.



  • Confidentiality and integrity in all activities is one of the indisputable principles of the work of IBP Holding Company. This principle can not be violated in working with the client, with partners, regardless of any circumstances.
  • IBP Holding has created a strict system of measures to preserve information at all stages of work.
  • The degree of confidentiality is determined by the client.


   Respect for clients:

  • Each client, regardless of status, financial position, profession and religion, gender and age, or otherwise, is respected for IBP Holding Company.
  • The performers of clients' tasks relate to all clients with kindness, an understanding of its problems, objectivity, professionalism, and guarantee reliability, quality of services and honesty.
  • All client rights are respected by IBP Holding in full. Customer requests are carefully analyzed, legal due diligence is conducted and the right decision is made.
  • All clients have the opportunity to enter into formal contracts with IBP Holding for specific work. After completing the work, each client has the legal right to receive a motivated report on services and draw up financial documents in accordance with the current legislation of the country of location.
  • IBP Holding is doing everything possible to ensure proper customer confidence in the performers of its tasks: the possibility of betrayal, venality and mercantile spirit is completely excluded.


   Respect for business partners:

  • IBP Holding builds relationships with business partners on the basis of equality and mutual respect.
  • IBP Holding is always open for cooperation with society, business partners from different countries of the world, other business structures and individuals.
  • IBP Holding does not enter into any conflicts, disputes, does not allow unethical behavior in communication, on the Internet, but is always ready to effectively protect the honor and dignity of the Company and its partners.