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   А) Comprehensive provision of business protection and security based on long-term contracts of IBP Holding Company and its clients.


  • reduction of costs for the current provision of protection against problems and crisis situations in business processes;
  • independence from the influence of competitors, government agencies, criminal organizations;
  • attracting diverse professional specialists who are not profitable to have in the staff of the enterprise;
  • expansion of regional coverage in solving problems affecting the state and level of business security.


В) Purchase order single product in one direction (or - several products in selected directions)

   Operating procedure:

  • Identification by a potential client of signs of problems or a crisis situation in business processes;
  • Applying to IBP HOLDING for the advice of relevant specialists;
  • Analysis of the primary information provided by the client, collection of additional information for decision making;
  • Preparation of the proposal to the client from IBP HOLDING in three positions:

         а) Ability to perform tasks set by the client

          b) Estimated cost of performing tasks (phased or complete);

          c) Approximate deadline for completing tasks and providing a reasoned report;

  • With a positive result of the initial negotiations of the client and the contractor - IBP HOLDING: entering into a written or oral contract, making a preliminary payment in the previously agreed volumes and forms;
  • Fulfillment of tasks with the subsequent submission of a full report and the signing of an act of work performed.