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Our projects

   The goal of our projects is effective prevention and elimination of problems in the field of business and individual protection in Ukraine and abroad.

   The basis of all project products: many years of practical experience of a large team of specialists and partner structures, the presence of business contacts in all regions of Ukraine and in most regions of the world.

   The goal is to:

- a common policy of cooperation in the general economic field,

- the complete independence of the Team from political processes, external financing and the influence of third forces,

- maximum coverage of the market of services in the field of business and personal protection,

- focus on compliance with the principle of “unsolvable problems do not happen”,

- common approaches to competition, the client’s and performer’s own security,

- general marketing rules.

Main directions of activity

Information and search direction in the national and foreign business markets

  • Audit and consulting to counter the influence of third parties
  • Organization and participation in negotiations in crisis situations
  • The complex of internal and external private investigations ("Forensic")
  • Verification and analysis of the activities of partners and counter-agents
  • Creating an innovative business security system
  • Anti-raider complex of business protection, analysis of the competitive environment


Analytical direction in national and foreign business markets

  • Geopolitical analysis of the situation in various countries of the world
  • Comprehensive analysis of the investment attractiveness of the object DUE DILIGENCE
  • Analytical complex of measures for revealing the economic relations of persons and counter agents
  • Analysis of the security of new markets, their search for the client
  • Analytical reviews and forecasts
  • Examinations: - intellectually - personnel protection; information security; physical protection; technical protection


Direction of competitive intelligence

  • Business Risk Management
  • Analytical studies on the methods of competitive intelligence
  • Market research of industry markets
  • Information and analytical support of mergers and acquisitions
  • Automated situation analysis systems


Direction of staff recruitment and deep testing

  • Deep inspection of individuals (codes "Blitz 1-4" and "Nevod 5")
  • Deep check of enterprises (codes "Blitz 11-41" and "Nevod 51")
  • Deep verification of individuals and legal entities in different regions of the world (code "WORLD.DD.2019")


Direction of IT protection

  • IT counteraction to industrial espionage
    Digital traces
    Counteraction to hidden and explicit cracking of networks
    Identification of insiders (phone / gadget / computer)
    "Clearing" of black PR in network


Direction of solving confidential business - high-risk tasks

  • External insider in a hostile environment
  • Internal insider - help protect business
  • Search for hiding intruders
  • Counteraction to hidden surveillance
  • External surveillance of the object
  • Search for individuals and information in problem regions


Direction of protecting the interests of individuals in Ukraine and abroad

  • Search for missing persons in Ukraine or in other countries
  • Search for previously lost family ties
  • Information search in Ukraine and in other countries
  • Private investigations in all areas of the protection of personal interests
  • Conflict resolution as an informed third party
  • Removal of persons from the negative influence of third parties


Direction of legal protection of business and personality

  • Development of documentation to optimize business processes
  • Legal audit of business processes
  • Maintenance of internal and external audit of business processes
  • Anti-raider complex of legal measures
  • Maintenance of relations with the controlling, law enforcement or judicial authorities of Ukraine
  • Maintenance of relationships with regulatory, law enforcement or judicial authorities of different countries


Direction of technical protection of business and personality

  • Detection of illegally installed "bugs" in rooms and cars
  • Complex technical information protection
  • Technical protection of premises against information leakage
  • Verification of persons using a lie detector
  • The complex of independent private expertise


The direction of the physical protection of business and personality

  • Meeting and ensuring the personal protection of VIP persons
  • Complex of anti-raider physical protection
  • "Aggressive" audit of the state of physical security of the object
  • Technical means of protection of the object
  • Hidden protection of VIPs, employees and customers