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   IBP Holding is a group of companies and individual experts providing a range of services in the field of business and personal security. The main activity is focused on the effective prevention and elimination of problems in the field of business and personality protection both in Ukraine and abroad. Many years of practical experience and close international partnerships allow us to carry out tasks of any complexity and in all regions of the world.

    The main participants of the Holding are:

   Research Institute of Business Personality Protection is a research and teaching and training division of IBP Holding. Areas of activity: the development of innovative products in the field of protection of business and the individual, their subsequent implementation in the interests of customers. Creation of programs and methods for training specialists in all areas of business or individual protection, holding national and international events for the exchange of experience, for training specialists in the direction of eliminating hazards and risks at any level.


   Agency FUBI is the operational division of IBP Holding. Activities: conducting investigations, search and gather information; processing, analysis and validation of information; search for debtors and fraudsters; search for property and real estate; anti-raider protection measures, tracking and counter surveillance.


   Agency UKRROZYSKINFO is the operational-search division of IBP Holding. Directions of activity: investigation, search and collection of information; search for people, incl. debtors and scammers; search for witnesses, collecting evidence; measures to prevent raider attacks.


   Security Agency CASSANDRA SMARTHOUSE is the operational and technical division of IBP Holding. Provision of services for the implementation of innovative projects in the field of business security and technological solutions to create a smart and safe home.

The legal bureau of Denys Lysov

   The law office of Denis Lysov is a legal division of IBP Holding. Legal protection and operational support. Support in difficult and crisis situations. Estimation of the probability of events and forecasting results.